Delta Science

Delta Science Readers are 16-page nonfiction books that feature informative, engaging text and full-color photos and illustrations. Created for grades K-8, these readers include features to help your students develop their informational literacy skills. Each reader promotes reading aptitude and understanding of nonfiction elements such as headings, diagrams, and glossaries. In addition, students are presented key science content, vocabulary, and connections to historical biographies of key scientists.

K-8 Scope and Sequence

Grade Life Science Earth Science Physical Science Complete Collections
6-8 DNA—From Genes to Proteins
Plants in Our World
Earth, Moon, and Sun
Earth Processes
Electrical Connections
Matter and Change
Newton's Toy Box
Classroom Collection
Single Book Collection
5-6 Pollution
You and Your Body
Rocks and Minerals
Weather Forecasting
Color and Light
Flight and Rocketry
Simple Machines
Classroom Collection
Single Book Collection
3-4 Dinosaurs and Fossils
Food Chains and Webs
Plant and Animal Life Cycles
Earth Movements
Solar System
Water Cycle
Weather Instruments
Electrical Circuits
Classroom Collection
Single Book Collection
2-3 Butterflies and Moths
Classroom Plants
Plant and Animal Populations
Using Your Senses
Soil Science
Weather Watching
Force and Motion
Sink or Float?
States of Matter
Classroom Collection
Single Book Collection
K-1 From Seed to Plant
Observing an Aquarium
How do we Learn?
Finding the Moon
Sunshine and Shadows
Weather and Sky
Investigating Water
Classroom Collection
Single Book Collection

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