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Annual Catalogs

2024 Education Essentials Catalog

From supplies and safety to SEL, discover a variety of helpful products within these pages, as well as a constantly updated selection online.

2024 Classroom Resources Catalog

From instructional resources and classroom supplies to special needs and PE, find solutions throughout these pages, plus a constantly updated selection online.

2024 Learning Environments Furniture & Equipment Catalog

From furniture to tech resources that support learning, find everything you need throughout these pages, plus a constantly updated selection online.

2024 Arts & Crafts Catalog

From paper and paints to ceramics and storage, find supplies to help fill students’ artistic needs. Plus, new items are always added online.

2024 Early Childhood Catalog

From infant to Pre-K to 2nd grade, you’ll find helpful resources throughout these pages, plus an updated selection online.

2024 Physical Education Catalog

From physical education and activity to health and wellness, you’ll find helpful products within these pages, as well as an updated selection online.

2024 Special Needs & Education Catalog

From sensory products to easy clean items, discover resources throughout these pages, as well as a constantly updated selection online.

2024 K-12 Science Catalog

From science supplies to labware to STEM activities, find all the solutions you need for grades K–12 in one convenient place, plus an updated selection online.

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Supplementary Math Resources for Grades PreK-12

You know math proficiency is essential to your students’ success. It’s why you work so hard to advance their math skills regardless of where they start in experience, language, and ability. School Specialty offers the supplemental resources, materials, and products to meet every math instructional need.

Family Engagement & Educational Games

We've brought together an assortment of Family Engagment Resources and Educational Games that can help stydents of all ages refine skills, enrich learning and keep minds engaged. School Specailty offers developmentally appropriate solutions from hands on materials, to workbooks, readers, puzzles and more.

Classroom Libraries

Complement all areas of PreK–8 literacy instruction with classroom libraries from School Specialty® and our proprietary brand of instructional solutions, Achieve It!™ This wide assortment supports independent reading, partner reading, guided reading, cross-content area instruction, and book discussions—enabling educators to promote an engaging and positive experience for every reader.

Kits for Kidz Catalog Cover

Kits for Kidz Catalog

Kits for Kidz™ helps you provide school supplies and hygiene items to students in need. And now that we’re part of School Specialty®, you can obtain those kits with even more practicality and convenience.

English Language Arts Resources for Grades K-12

We have the supplemental resources, materials and products to meet every ELA instructional need and help you support your students in meeting their goals.

Sensory Spaces Catalog

We can't keep the stresses of the world away from students, but we can provide them a haven of calm when they need it most. From sensory rooms to classroom corners, find an extensive selection of products and ideas in these pages to fit your needs and your budget.

Art Lesson Plans 2024

Discover 21 art lesson plans that span a variety of mediums. Adaptable to any skill level, all plans support National Core Art Standards.