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Explore your path to possibilities through our extensive collection of product catalogs. Browse our digital catalogs to find every product your school could need... all in one place. Because we know that when students have everything they need to succeed, that’s exactly what they'll do.

2019 Education Essentials Catalog

Count on School Specialty to offer every product your school could need. In one place. At the right price. Because we know that when students have everything they need to succeed, that’s exactly what they’ll do. Our School Specialty Education Essentials ® catalog provides educators the best selection of educational products and solutions for all areas within a school.

2019 Education Essentials Spring Catalog

Students thrive on choice and abundance. And with our large selection of high quality, affordably priced supplies and value packs, you can make sure they have everything they need. Including plenty of exciting choices. Shop our carefully curated selection of classroom essentials that you’re sure to love.

2019 Classroom Resources Catalog

Your supplies may look like simple stickers, caddies and decorations to the untrained eye. But you know how important it is to have what you need to help them feel inspired and rewarded. That’s why we offer a great selection of teachers’ favorite items at budget friendly prices. Because your funding may be limited, but your aspirations for your students are not.

2019 Office Supplies Catalog

Your comprehensive resource for all things office supplies. Our School Specialty Office Supplies catalog provides an exceptional selection products for all of your business, classroom and home office needs.

2019 Furniture & Equipment Catalog

From tables that foster collaboration to complete learning environments as inspiring and creative as your students. Our goal is to provide you with far more than furniture. We’re here to ignite your imagination of what’s possible and work with you to create spaces that help your students do the same. Your best source for furnishings that support 21st century learning!

2019 Learning Environments/ Furniture & Equipment Fall Catalog

We’re confident every student can flourish in an environment where they feel safe and inspired to explore and grow. And we’re committed to ensuring every space we work with you to design, from classrooms to cafeterias, will accomplish just that. Shop our curated solutions for building the right learning environment for your students.

2019 Arts & Crafts Catalog

Like you, we believe there’s an artist in every student; inspiring that artist unlocks skills like innovation and collaboration. So everything we offer is designed to help you excite students with what they can make. And also who they can become. Inspire the artist in every student with our comprehensive line of arts and crafts supplies, featuring Sax® products.

2019 Arts & Crafts Spring Catalog

An inspiring lesson teaches students art skills...and so much more. Self-expression. Creativity. Pride. That’s why our team of art experts not only continuously identify, test and offer the best materials to create art but also provide the lessons and ideas you need to ensure students enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Shop our top selling arts and crafts supplies that will help inspire your next lesson.

2019 Early Childhood Catalog

Every child has the potential to shape the future. So we take our role in helping you shape their early years very seriously. Everything we offer, from blocks to complete classrooms, encourages children to engage and explore. To wander and to wonder. And to begin to discover the world they’ll make their own. From our award-winning furniture to the widest selection of educational products, we offer the supplies, furnishings, and materials to support STEAM and 21st Century Skills.

2019 Early Childhood Spring Catalog

Curiosity in a young mind must be nurtured. Like you, it is our responsibility to help shape this most precious of resources which is why we developed our new outdoor learning line and organized our products by learning space. We made it easier to create ideal environments for children to engage and explore their world — and for you to guide them on their journey.

2019 Physical Education Catalog

Being active develops far more than muscles. Physical education encourages healthy attitudes, self confidence and positive behaviors for life. That’s why we’re committed to providing innovative products and resources designed to help every student enjoy physical activity and develop a healthy appreciation for health and wellness. Shop over 400 new physical education and sport products in the physical education catalog.

2019 Special Needs Catalog

Addressing the individual needs of your students. Yet keeping them included. It’s a delicate balance. That's why from the art room to PE class to the classroom, we're committed to bringing you a wide selection of special needs resources and adapted products that will help you make every student feel completely supported and genuinely included.

2018-2019 SSI Guardian 21st Century Safety & Security Solutions

Born out of the need for tailored evidence based security solutions, SSI Guardian was created by School Specialty, Inc., to help school and university administrators achieve the safest environment possible. Our all hazards, comprehensive approach includes advanced training, security consulting, safety and security products and technology solutions. SSI Guardian has set the new standard because children deserve the best.

2019 EPS Catalog

The magic of teaching is finding just the right combination of targeted tools and support to help every student reach their unique potential. To help you, we offer a wide selection of proven supplemental materials —from vocabulary, comprehension and phonics to test prep and math and reading intervention. Because while you’ll never need all 10,000 of our resources, your students all deserve exactly the right one.

2019 Elementary Science Catalog

That spark of realization. The moment of understanding. The thrill of watching students learn by doing inspired us to create our hands-on science resources and all the tools needed to make each lesson truly turnkey. So you can spend less time creating lesson plans and more time creating "a-has".

2019 Secondary Science Catalog

Right now, students are sitting in science classes ready to be engaged and excited. To help you ignite their imaginations, we bring you a wide variety of new, exciting products all in one place. So you can spend your time helping today’s students become tomorrow’s innovators.