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We’ve brought together today’s top future-ready learning environment solutions in an incredible 6,885 square foot showroom. Our expert interior designers, learning environment specialists, and educational strategists have collaborated to create inspiring and effective vignettes for every type of space in the school.

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What are the best ways to bring your instructional intent to life through design? What are the best product solutions? Discover our expert guidance for every type of environment and shop recommended products curated by our own Subject Matter Experts.


Painting, ceramics, graphic design… creativity can take so many forms. Fuel every student’s imagination by designing your art space to be flexible, functional, and inclusive. Important considerations are bright lighting, plentiful surface area, and generous storage. We offer many smart solutions for those needs as well as an extensive selection of high-quality materials for every type of art.

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Makerspace/College and Technical Education

A well-equipped makerspace or CTE area can fuel discovery and innovation, and develop college and career skills. Whether you have a dedicated room, section of a media center, or classroom corner, you can create a flexible, multi-purpose area with solutions like using tables of varied shapes and heights with storage underneath to house materials and tools. Discover the possibilities by shopping our extensive selection of innovative furniture, equipment, and supplies.

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Engaging and effective science spaces encourage hands-on experiences with furniture, equipment, and supplies designed to address technology needs, safety, and flexible groupings. School Specialty offers purpose-built, durable, and affordable solutions for all your science needs, from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to Environmental Studies, and more.

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Early Childhood

An early childhood learning environment should be filled with wonder and delight, encouraging young learners to feel safe, gain independence, and engage in hands-on learning. To help fill your spaces and your students’ imaginations, our early education experts have curated a comprehensive selection of furniture, learning materials, and supplies you can count on to be high-quality, safe, and developmentally appropriate for every age from infant through 2nd grade.

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From Quiet Spaces to Mindfulness Rooms and Chill Zones, sensory spaces offer a haven where students can disconnect when needed. Key elements to incorporate are items that provide gentle movement for soothing, visual calmers, and tactile and sensory materials for discovery and exploration. Discover the wide array of solutions our team of special needs experts have curated to inspire your own sensory spaces.

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Media Center

Modern media centers are dynamic, multi-use spaces. Be sure to include a wide variety of items such as technology resources, books, media storage, quiet spaces, maker spaces, and areas for collaboration. Maximize the space by incorporating flexible features like casters to enable the space to be reconfigured for current and future needs. Looking for inspiration? Shop our extensive selection of media center solutions now.

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Classrooms should be nimble, allowing teachers to use various strategies to meet the needs of all learners. A classroom should accommodate moving students into pairs or groups, offering spaces to present and share, allowing students to move from one activity to another seamlessly, and more. We offer a wide range of flexible furniture to meet these needs along with expertly curated instructional solutions, learning materials and other supplies to complete any classroom.

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eSports offer a great way for students to receive the important benefits of extra curricular activities. eSports can help students learn critical skills like problem solving, teamwork, communication and leadership. Shop our wide range of solutions to outfit an eSports space of any size or budget.


Cafeterias aren’t just for eating. They can provide space for extended learning programs, instruction, or community gathering. Create an inviting, adjustable space with a mix of tables and chairs, bistro tables and stools, convertible tables, soft seating and more. You’ll find all that and more at School Specialty.

Reception Area

The reception area sets the tone for the school. When students and community members enter a school, the first impression should be welcoming and inclusive. Shop here for the inspiration and furnishings to help create a beautiful and inviting space of your own.

Administration & Office

A school office should provide a comfortable space where new ideas can be generated, collaborative discussions can occur, and students can receive support. Factor in comfort and wellness with items like sit-to-stand desks and flexible furniture.

Collaboration Area

Collaboration takes many forms, so make sure your space can, too. Our selection of mobile, reconfigurable furniture like ottomans, soft seating, and furniture pods allow students to work in the ways that best suit their needs – from huddling around a white board to stretching out on the floor.

General Instruction

General instruction areas should be flexible to adapt to changing lessons and needs. We offer a range of solutions to allow students to engage and collaborate in any subject. Find configurable desks, collaboration desks, height-adjustable chairs, powered options, dry-erase band interactive whiteboards, and more.


Lounge areas can serve as quiet, comfortable havens for relaxation and collaboration. Maximize comfort and use by outfitting your lounge with our solutions like flexible soft seating, wobble stools, sofas, and power charging stations.

Physical Education

There are so many ways to encourage movement, physical activity, and sensory development. Browse our wide selection of solutions from ball chairs and motion stools to balance boards, cushions, and even climbing walls.

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