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TeacherGeek Ultimate STEAM Maker Activity Cart, Kiwi with Makerspace Sign

Item #: 2021425

Put your students' critical and creative thinking to the test with this super-sized STEM and STEAM Maker Cart.

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Enjoy an A+ assortment of STEM (and Art) on a cart! This "workshop on wheels" Ultimate Maker Space set from TeacherGeek is packed with bins of over 17,000 components/tools and over 40 STEM projects for Grades K to 12 to design, build, and test out their very own STEM and STEAM-savvy inventions. Large quantity of STEM materials (and convenient mobile cart storage) can be used to support a class to up to hundreds of students throughout the entire school. Items on cart can be configured to create functional aids from an electromagnet crane and wind powered racer to electronic circuits and everything in between. This same cart also comes with different colored Bins (Blueberry, Grape, Kiwi, or Strawberry) and different top dry erase signs (in Makerspace, STEM, or STEAM), all available at School Specialty; browse in our search engine for different options. Cart is NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) aligned. Full kit/materials aligned to National and State cirriculum standards by grade-level and subject matter. Some assembly required. Cart measures approximately 48 W x 76 H x 38 D inches when fully assembled.
  • TeacherGeek STEM Maker Cart on wheels comes with over 15,000 tools and components for your school's STEM makers, lab, library, or discovery center
  • Colorful plastic bins can be filled up with assorted tools and components for neat, organized, and easy access
  • Students can build endless variety of inventions from a rubber band racer, hovercar and air/water pump to a paper airplane shooter, wiggle-bot, amusement park ride, and beyond
  • STEAM themed "Makerspace" dry erase sign at top can be boldly colored and recolored an endless amount of time with dry erase markers or crayons
  • Exceptional STEM Maker Cart supports hundreds of students with over 40 custom STEAM activities for everyone from Grade K to Grade 12
STEAM and STEM Maker Cart Includes:
  • 3 Multi-Purpose Scissors (9-1/2 Inches)
  • 2 Adjustable Wire Strippers
  • 5 Digital Multimeters
  • 6 Multi-Cutters
  • 4 Tapping Blocks
  • 6 Slip Joint Pliers (6 Inches)
  • 2 Phillips #1 Screwdrivers
  • 2 Lead-Free Solders
  • 2 Soldering Iron Stands
  • 2 Soldering Irons (Each 110 Volts, 60 Hertz, 30 Watts)
  • 4 Stubby #2 Screwdrivers
  • 4 Stubby Claw Hammers
  • 6 Teacher Geek Reamers
  • Over 15,000 Assorted Components for Building/DIY Inventions
  • 1 Cart with Bins
  • 1 Customizable Overhead Dry Erase Board Sign