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Super Duper Webber’s Jumbo Articulation Drill Book, Book Only

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Is there any other reproducible drill book that gives you 1,710 articulation word-pictures plus thousands of individual words, phrases, and sentences? The Jumbo, Huge, Immense, (did we say really BIG?) Webber's Jumbo Articulation Drill Book has everything you need! Save countless hours searching for therapy pages and use that time to teach. This unrivaled comprehensive volume has word lists, pictures, phrase lists, and sentences in initial, medial and final positions for these sounds: R, S, L, (R, S, L Blends, initial only), Z, SH, CH, TH (voiced and unvoiced), F, V, K, G, P, B, T, D, J, H, M, N, and Y. 6,420 target words! 3,120 phrases! 3,120 sentences! 1,710 delightful illustrations with open-ended instructions on all worksheets. Record data in boxes provided. Articulation Drill Record Form, Progress Chart, Homework Helper Note, Positive Awards. Spiral-bound. Hardcover.
  • Word lists, pictures, phrases and sentences
  • Multiple worksheets
  • Over 6000 target words


  • Book only