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Sportime Catch Tail Foam Balls, 36 Inches, Assorted Colors, Set of 6

Item #: 1478712

Tail balls look like long, colorful streaks bursting through the air when thrown or hit.

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From round tip to elongated end, Sportime Tail Balls combine fun, color, and safety all in one. Each design features a soft, safe foam ball inside a multicolored mesh covered bag. This choice is great for all ages, but particularly good for your youngest kids. Overall length is 36 inches and diameter of foam ball is 4 inches. Sold as set of 6.
  • Foam balls encased in elongated mesh cover bags provide easier and swift practice for throwing, catching, hitting, and beyond
  • Light and safe foam construction of ball ensures non-intimidating catches and throws without fears of being injured or hit
  • Foxtail ends of bag offer easy, secure grip and increase catching success
  • Bright colors of each bag make ball easy to spot from any distance and look extra dynamic when soaring in mid-air
  • Catch tail ball set can be used for a variety of games and physical education classes for both indoor and outdoor use
  • 6 Catch Tail Balls in Assorted Bag Colors