CSI Case of the Kidnapped Cookies Forensic Science Kit, 30 Student

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CSI Case of the Kidnapped Cookies Forensic Science Kit contains sufficient materials for 30 students, a teacher's guide, student worksheets, casebooks and a rubric (supplied on a USB Flash Drive). Investigation starts when cookies are stolen that who stole the cookies from the cookie jar. In this cross-curricular caper, the beloved Otis Spunkmeyer is kidnapped and the students have to figure out which of their staff members took their warm chewy cookies. The ransom note is written in Spanish, cut from different local newspapers and appears to have some sort of red stain on it. There is also some white powder and soil left near the note and, for the final nail in the coffin, students will determine whose DNA is on the envelope the note was found in. After the students figure out who they think did it, there is also information on how to stage a trial for the culprit. The sentence if found guilty, the guilty party pays for free cookies for everyone.
Kit includes activity materials plus printable teacher's guide, student worksheets, casebooks, and rubric which are supplied on a USB flash drive.
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