Early Childhood Learning Spaces

Curated Furnishings and Materials for a Complete Learning Environment

The ideal early childhood classroom offers functional furnishings aligned with innovative learning materials to create an engaging, transformative environment. Thoughtful and purposeful design come together with one-stop shopping in our curated selection of early childhood furniture and educational products.

Creating an early learning environment isn’t always a one-size-fits-all scenario, but we’ve crafted a select collection of products for every room and space to help you spark an idea and bring your classroom vision to life. Shop for cubbies, tables, carpets, and more to form your classroom areas and find the perfect selection of early childhood learning materials and supplies to fill every space.

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A Partner Every Step of the Way

Projects by Design® is our unique service from collaborative no-cost design through installation and beyond.

Using our exclusive 6-Essential Design Elements® process, our team of in-house designers and learning environment specialists can work with you to create comprehensive ecosystems that equip and inspire every student, from birth to Grade 12. We can provide training on the latest educational trends and methods, too.

We can be your single source for products, design, and project management resulting in one P.O. for your entire project.

We’ve done this for thousands of school building projects over the past two decades. And we’d love to do all of this for you.

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