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ScienceFLEX Mathines at Work and Play Collection


A "problem" might seem like something bad is about to happen, but often a problem is a puzzle waiting for a solution. Guide students through an exciting exploration of simple machines wrapped up in 5E lesson plans where students investigate simple machines through active learning, then apply their new knowledge to collaborate in designing playground equipment.

Driving Question: How do people use simple machines to solve problems?

Anchor Phenomenon: Engineers design machines that make work easier.

ScienceFLEX® Investigative and Real-World Phenomena

  • Lesson 1: Force and Work - How do force and distance affect work?
    • Relationship of force, distance and work
  • Lesson 2: Inclined Planes - How do inclined planes make work easier?
    • Use of inclined planes in building the Egyptian pyramids
  • Lesson 3: Wedges and Screws - How do wedges and screws make work easier?
    • Solving a problem with an Archimedes' screw
  • Lesson 4: Levers - How do levers affect force and work?
    • Tools that are levers and Levers in the human body
  • Lesson 5: Friction - How does friction affect the motion of objects?
    • Friction and lubrication in the sport of curling
  • Lesson 6: Wheel and Axle - How does a wheel and axle make work easier?
    • Wheel and axle systems in common objects and Gear systems in common objects
  • Lesson 7: Pulleys - How do pulleys make it easier to do work?
    • Pulley systems in common objects and situations
  • Lesson 8: Compound Machines - How are simple machines combined to make compound machines?
    • Everyday objects that are compound machines and Bicycle engineering and design
  • Lesson 9: Engineering Design - How can simple machines be combined to make a piece of playground equipment?
    • The process of designing a playground


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