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ScienceFLEX Earth's Changing Surface Collection


Landforms around the world provide a dramatic backdrop for examining how weathering, erosion, and deposition shape Earth's surface features. Guide students through an exciting exploration of forces shaping Earth's surface wrapped up in 5E lesson plans where students investigate through active learning, then apply their new knowledge to find out how we can limit the effect of such processes on people and the environment.

Driving Question: How can people limit damage caused by flooding and fast-moving water?

Anchor Phenomenon: Weathering, erosion, and deposition change Earth's surface.

ScienceFLEX® Investigative and Real-World Phenomena

  • Lesson 1: Exploring Maps - What kinds of details can maps show?
    • Topographic, physical, and road and trail maps
  • Lesson 2: Weathering - How does weathering change Earth's surface?
    • Physical and chemical changes to rocks and minerals
  • Lesson 3: Erosion - How does erosion change Earth's surface?
    • Erosion by moving air, ice, gravity, and water
  • Lesson 4: Deposition - How does deposition change Earth's surface?
    • Sediments of different sizes settle out of water differently
  • Lesson 5: Rivers and Wind - How can water and wind shape Earth's surface?
    • Erosion and deposition by a model river and wind
  • Lesson 6: Groundwater - How can groundwater change the land?
    • Sinkholes, caverns, stalactites, and stalagmites
  • Lesson 7: Waves - How can ocean waves change the land?
    • Coastline changes due to waves
  • Lesson 8: Glaciers - How do glaciers change Earth's surface?
    • Surficial changes caused by glaciers and landforms created by weathering, erosion, and deposition
  • Lesson 9: The Effects of Plants - How do plants affect changes to Earth's surface?
    • Effects of plants on soil
  • Lesson 10: Sediment Control Measures - How can people limit hazards associated with weathering, erosion, and deposition?
    • Hazards of flooding a playground


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