FOSS Middle School 2nd Edition Weather and Water Complete Kit, with 160 Seats Digital Access

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Bridging research and practice, Foss Second Edition Middle School Modules engage students and teachers in active investigations (including outdoor experiences and online simulations) that lead to deeper understanding of science and engineering concepts, as well as the natural and designed world. This set allows for 1 full class use among up to 32 students, and all materials come packaged in durable stacking drawers for ease of storage in the classroom. The Weather and Water Complete Kit for Grades 6 to 8 focuses on Earth’s atmosphere, weather, and water. Understanding weather is more than reading a thermometer and recording measurements; students will get learn about atoms and molecules, density, wind, and energy transfer, then investigate phase change, the water cycle, ocean currents, climate change, and meteorology.

The module features 10 hands-on course investigation activities, which include: (1) What Is Weather?: students will be introduced to the concept of weather and the tools that meteorologists use to measure and study weather factors; (2) Air Pressure and Wind: students will investigate the relationship between changing air pressure and wind, and then explore a particle model for air pressure; (3) Convection: students will develop the concept of density on the way to understanding convection as a mechanism for energy transfer; (4) Radiation: students will compare cities at different latitudes to discover climate differences, then discover how climate is related to the amount of solar energy transferred to Earth: (5) Conduction: students will explore conduction to round out understanding of energy transfer and apply the understanding with an engineering challenge to insulate a model house; (6) Air Flow: students will apply the concept of energy transfer by convection, radiation, and conduction to develop a model of global wind patterns; (7) Water in the Air: students will focus on the wet part of weather by investigating phase change to understand cloud formation and precipitation; (8) The Water Planet: students will learn that the water cycle is complex and involves water everywhere in the global environment; (9) Climate Over Time: students will refine the distinction between weather and climate, and consider evidence for climate change; and (10) Meteorology: students will pull together all the physical science concepts they learned in the course to explain weather.

  • Investigation Guide: this core instructional tool provides educators with the support to help students successfully facilitate the investigations
  • Teacher Resources: this book guides teachers in how the elements of FOSS work and provide notebook and assessment masters
  • Equipment Kit: specifically designed, durable equipment and materials in FOSS lead to successful investigations for 32 students and 1 class use
  • FOSS Science Resources: a hardcover book that includes student readings that connect students' firsthand experiences to informational text
  • FOSS Technology: access for both teachers and students to a one-stop online resource for eBooks, eInvestigations Guides, videos, virtual investigations and tutorials, interactive whiteboard activites, and much more
Complete Kit Includes:
  • Investigations Guide:
    • Investigation 1: What is Weather?
    • Investigation 2: Air Pressure and Wind
    • Investigation 3: Convection
    • Investigation 4: Radiation
    • Investigation 5: Conduction
    • Investigation 6: Air Flow
    • Investigation 7: Water in the Air
    • Investigation 8: The Water Planet
    • Investigation 9: Climate over Time
    • Investigation 10: Meteorology
  • Teacher Resources
  • 32 Science Resource Books for Students
  • Nonconsumable Equipment
  • Consumable Materials for 1 Class Use
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