FOSS Middle School 2nd Edition Diversity of Life Complete Kit, 5 Class Uses, with 32 Seats Digital Access

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Bridging research and practice, Foss Second Edition Middle School Modules engage students and teachers in active investigations (including outdoor experiences and online simulations) that lead to deeper understanding of science and engineering concepts, as well as the natural and designed world. This set allows for 5 full class uses, and all materials come packaged in durable stacking drawers for ease of storage in the classroom. The Diversity of Life Kit for Grades 6 to 8 will helps students explore the question 'what is life?" We usually know it when we see it, but what is it? This course introduces students to the big picture of life on Earth. Students will discover that all living things, despite their complexity, share the same basic characteristics, and learn that all organisms (archaea, bacteria, single-celled microbes, multicellular fungi, plants, and animals) are composed of cells, and that a single cell is the fundamental unit of life. Students will also explore the relationship of organisms to their environment, and recognize life as a temporary condition experienced for various lengths of time by all living things. It is our hope that, in their efforts to answer the question "what is life?" students will develop an appreciation for the awesome diversity of life on Earth and a personal interest in life in all its forms.

The module features 8 hands-on course investigation activities, which include: (1) What is Life?: students will begin investigating life by thinking about the characteristics and requirements that all life has and begin to develop a definition of life; (2) The Microscope: students will learn to use a compound microscope to open up the world of microorganisms and cells; (3) The Cell: students will discover cells and think about what it means to be a single-celled or multicellular organism; (4) Domains: students will learn about the levels of complexity (from atom to cell) and begin to apply a burgeoning understanding of life to unfamiliar organisms; (5) Plants, The Vascular System: students will conduct an investigation to understand how the vascular system transports water throughout a vascular plant; (6) Plant Reproduction and Growth: students will dissect a seed and plant various grains to investigate how environmental factors affect germination and growth and explore the role of pollinators in sexual reproduction; (7) Insects: students will explore the Madagascar hissing cockroach to understand the world of multicellular organisms; and (8) Diversity of Life: students will conduct a bioblitz to learn about the biodiversity that exists in your area.

  • Investigation Guide: this core instructional tool provides educators with the support to help students successfully facilitate the investigations
  • Teacher Resources: this book guides teachers in how the elements of FOSS work and provide notebook and assessment masters
  • Equipment Kit: specifically designed, durable equipment and materials in FOSS lead to successful investigations for 32 students and up to 5 class uses
  • FOSS Science Resources: a hardcover book that includes student readings that connect students' firsthand experiences to informational text
  • FOSS Technology: access for both teachers and students to a one-stop online resource for eBooks, eInvestigations Guides, videos, virtual investigations and tutorials, interactive whiteboard activites, and much more
Complete Kit Includes:
  • Investigations Guide:
    • Investigation 1: What is Life?
    • Investigation 2: The Microscope
    • Investigation 3: The Cell
    • Investigation 4: Domains
    • Investigation 5: Plants, the Vascular System
    • Investigation 6: Plant Reproduction and Growth
    • Investigation 7: Insects
    • Investigation 8: Diversity of Life
  • Teacher Resources
  • 32 Science Resource Books for Students
  • Nonconsumable Equipment
  • Consumable Materials for 5 Class Uses
  • 32 Seats of Digital Access for 7 Years
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