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HeartZones e-Physical Education (ePE) Portal Annual License, 20-49 Location

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Bridge the gap between student homes and teacher desks with a powerful tool that keeps everyone active. Make a real impact by using the Heart Zones e-PE to encourage students to engage in physical activity at home using technology that captures their activity. Heart Zones e-PE allows you to self-access and give teachers the data they need to validate participation to promote healthy, active lifestyles from anywhere, at any time, and with each activity.

With the Heart Zones Training app and sensor, students can track MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity) and FIT points, enjoy games and challenges, and set personal fitness goals based on individualized data. It’s easy, simple, and ready for you. This product is for multiple locations in one district. If you’re looking for 20-49 locations. This is for 1 year of access.

How it works:

  1. Students download the free mobile Heart Zones Training app and complete activities using a wearable sensor.
  2. Mobile app collects the student’s activity data from the sensor
  3. Activity data is sent to the Heart Zones Connect Portal; one location for all student data.
  4. Teachers access all student’s activity data from one secure website, the Heart Zones portal fast and simple.

After downloading the App on Android and iOS devices, you can send reports from the portal to students, parents, and administrators. Assess recovery and peak heart rate data and set personal zones. Use the Heart Zones portal to view live data during any physical activity. If you already have Heart Zones MOVE, Heart Zones Blink, Blink24, or Atrio arm bands, the Heart Zones e-PE app and portal work will work with them.

  • Start laying the groundwork for accountability within your school’s PE program - whether you use the virtual tool to supplement in-person classes or you use it as the base for your virtual program
  • Seamlessly incorporate Heart Zones Smart e-PE modules into your curriculum with lesson plans and activities
  • Capture student activity using wearable sensors like heart rate activity trackers and cycling sensors
  • Once your students have finished an activity, data is sent to the Heart Zones portal and is available to you, your students, and your administration
  • Access to 20-49 Heart Zones e-PE Portal
  • Reports
  • Curriculum