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Flexible Seating for Any Learning Space

Help Meet Diverse Learning Needs with Flexible Seating

Giving students flexible seating options not only gets them moving—it also builds ownership of their education, empowering them to make positive choices for their own learning. When students are comfortable and satisfied, they can stay focused and stay on task. We’ve gathered a collection of innovative seating solutions to help you engage students and facilitate every style of learning.

Movement Seating

Movement seating can help students release excess energy, provides an option to fidget without causing a distraction to others, and builds core strength and good posture.

Soft Seating

Soft seating offers students comfort and creates the opportunity for a casual, relaxed atmosphere which fosters collaboration.

Floor Seating

Floor seating can help create a tiered seating area to maximize interaction in larger groups by improving line of sight. Floor seating also offers an easy-to-move solution when you want to quickly rearrange the learning space.

Task Seating

Task seating offers adjustment options to adapt to each student’s unique needs. Swivel, tilt, and modify seat height to provide comfort and support.

Student Seating

Student seating provides options to students who prefer a more traditional chair or stool and allows for uniform spacing and height when needed.