School Specialty and Equalis Group

Save Time & Money - Utilize Your Equalis Group Contract

Looking for the right partner to meet the unique issues of this year's purchasing cycle? Look no further than your purchasing cooperative contract with School Specialty. We deliver the best overall value on all your Educational Supplies needs including Art, Physical Education, Science, Early Childhood, Instructional Solutions and Special Needs - ALL via ONE CONTRACT. As you save, you also add to your potential future rebate - bid contracts can't give you that. And you get it all through a legal contractual purchasing vehicle.

2021 Equalis Group Educational Supplies Product Guide

A selection of high-usage items across multiple categories and areas of interest. Many products provide deeper discounts to help you restock your school or classroom featuring our proprietary classroom brand, School Smart.

Educational School Supplies Contract
(contract #EQ-101519-01A)

Effective: January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2022

  • 35% off list price on supply items
  • 14% off list price on individual furniture items
  • FREE shipping on parcel shipped items over $49 (pricing policy 9)
  • FREE shipping on non-parcel shipped items (pricing policy 6). For other non-parcel shipped items (pricing policy 5) a $9.95 minimum or 15% of the net subtotal of the items will apply.

Categories covered:

  • Art
  • Supplies
  • Science (STEM/STEAM)
  • Physical Education
  • Learning Environments
  • Special Needs
  • Early Childhood
  • Safety and Security
  • Instruction and Intervention

Volume Rebate

You have the opportunity to receive a 2% volume rebate on all your orders after the $49,000 threshold. This rebate goes directly to the ordering district. Streamline your educational supplies orders with Equalis Group and School Specialty and watch your rebate grow.