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Childcraft Jumbo Knob Puzzles, 3 to 4 Pieces Each, Set of 5

Item #: 1574099

Large knobs make these puzzles extra easy for little ones to grab and put in correct place.

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"Piece" together the fun and learning opportunities with these 5 Jumbo Knob Puzzles from Childcraft. Each board has 3 to 4 pieces that have extra-large knobs for small hands to easily grasp and place/remove colorful pieces from sturdy wooden board. Additional bonus is that there are matching full-color pictures underneath each 1/2 inch thick piece, which will help aid kids in further improving dexterity and matching skills. Sold as set of 5 in assorted animal or household themes. Puzzle sizes vary; largest puzzle measures 15-1/2 W x 1-2/3 D x 12 H inches. All puzzles for ages 12 months and up.
  • Three- to four-piece puzzle games for toddlers help little ones develop word and image recognition, observation skills, visual perception, and more
  • Each thick puzzle piece with rounded wooden "door" knobmakes each piece extra easy for little hands to grasp, place, or take off board
  • Bold shapes and animals on each puzzle piece help toddlers and kids with retention skills and to make real-world applications
  • Self-correcting puzzle pieces fit together only with correct pieces to challenge young minds and experience trial and error practice
  • One puzzle board features pieces with common house/backyard scenes and a common shape spelled out on each piece to help with mastering shape concepts and literacy
  • Set of 5 puzzles made of durable wood offer long-lasting, hands-on fun and learning for ages 3 and up
Set of 5 Puzzles for Kids Includes:
  • Red Barn Puzzle (3 Farm Animal Chunky Pieces)
  • Fish Bowl Puzzle (3 Aquarium Creature Chunky Pieces)
  • Blue House Puzzle (3 Pet Animal Chunky Pieces)
  • Green Safari Grass Puzzle (3 Wild Animal Chunky Pieces)
  • Blue House with Garden Yard (5 Shape Labeled Chunky Pieces)