Tote Around Animals

Product Guide, Grades , Special Needs


The use of weighted input is often used as a sensory tool to provide deep touch pressure/heavy work to help with calming and organizing. At just 5lbs each, these Tote Around Animals maybe just the helper for the child who has difficulty sitting still, focusing at circle time, story time or during stressful transitions. Turtle and/or Hound loved to be held, but also sit quietly on a lap to provide calming deep pressure input. You can put Tote Around Turtle or Tote Around Hound to work with these great ideas:

Product Use

During seat work activities, drape the Turtle or Hound over the student's lap while working. Great for keeping the wiggles under control

During transitions, such as out in the hall, from bus to classroom, in the car, or anytime a change of activities occur, have the child carry the Turtle or Hound as the transition helper. They also go great in a backpack for that just right weighted deep pressure input.

Use one or both of the Tote Around Animals as a bedtime companion. They snuggle up nicely and provide deep pressure input to make bedtime transitions a breeze.

Care and Safety

Tote Around Turtle and Hound are made of vinyl with stone pellets filler (total weight of 5lbs/ 2.2kg). Surface wipe with a damp cloth or germicidal wipe only.  Pellet filler is sewn in enclosed exterior vinyl cover, but as these can be considered a choking hazard the Tote Around Animals are not recommended for small children. Suggested age is 4 and up.