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FOSS Next Generation Plants & Animals Collection, Item Number 2092957

FOSS Next Generation Plants & Animals Collection


Students observe structures of plants and discover ways to propagate new plants from mature plants. Design terrariums and provide for the needs of both plants and animals living together in the classroom. The resources in this comprehensive collection include:
  • Comprehensive hands-on investigation equipment kit
  • Teacher Resources with educative support to effectively teach standards (available in print and digital editions)
  • Science resources for students build expository reading skills and highlight STEM careers (available in print and digital editions)
  • Accessibility options to the interactive digital resources on the ThinkLink™ platform for effective planning and engaged learning
  • Full complement of authentic Spanish print and digital teaching and learning resources

Why Choose FOSS?

  • Allows students to be active investigators instead of passive learners
  • Built around firsthand exploration of relevant phenomena using classroom-proven theories and practices to engage all students
  • Aligned to NGSS, Framework for K to 12 Science, and Common Core standards
  • Provides unmatched professional learning, including hands-on & virtual teacher workshops


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