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FOSS Next Generation Mixtures & Solutions Collection

Mixtures and Solutions introduces students to the properties and behaviors of substances and changes in substances—fundamental ideas in chemistry. The resources in this comprehensive collection include:
  • Comprehensive hands-on investigation equipment kit
  • Teacher Resources with educative support to effectively teach standards (available in print and digital editions)
  • Science resources for students build expository reading skills and highlight STEM careers (available in print and digital editions)
  • Accessibility options to the interactive digital resources on the ThinkLink™ platform for effective planning and engaged learning
  • Full complement of authentic Spanish print and digital teaching and learning resources

Why Choose FOSS?

  • Allows students to be active investigators instead of passive learners
  • Built around firsthand exploration of relevant phenomena using classroom-proven theories and practices to engage all students
  • Aligned to NGSS, Framework for K to 12 Science, and Common Core standards
  • Provides unmatched professional learning, including hands-on & virtual teacher workshops
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