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Delta Education Science In A Nutshell Space Science Cluster, 4 Assorted Kits, Grades 3 to 6

Item #: 750-3473

Get your students to think outside the box (like scientists!) with hands-on, theme-focused STEM kits from Delta. Science In A Nutshell kits are available in a specific Life, Earth or Physical Science topic or Nutshell Clusters (thematic class units).

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Learning about outer space, stars, planets, and beyond will be out-of-this-word fun with the multi-kit-packed Delta Education Science In A Nutshell Space Science Cluster! With 4 assorted and interconnected Delta Education Science In A Nutshell Kits combined into one convenient large set, students will be able to do 4x the experiments and activities that allow students to explore and investigate the mysteries of our solar systems, all from the comfort of home or a classroom.

The 4 individual Nutshell titles/kits in this Cluster include: Earth and Sun, Planets and Stars, Breaking Earth's Hold, and Destination: Moon (which are each also sold separately, if you wish to choose just one specific topic/kit). A comprehensive teacher guide is included to help you create and manage multiple science stations for your entire class! Additional teacher guides and consumable student journals for individual Nutshell titles sold separately. Grades 3 to 6.
  • Nutshell Clusters are thematic class units comprised of 4–6 complementary Science In A Nutshell titles in one self-contained plastic container
  • Each Cluster is a powerful science unit with over 32 activities from related Nutshell kit titles to turn your classroom into a complete science center
  • Enough consumable materials are provided for up to 6 times of use between to 1-3 students to explore activities independently or as rotating small groups
  • Large thematic science set with multiple kits is an educational and engaging asset for learning centers, homeschooling or at-home learning, afterschool programs, science clubs, and beyond
Space Science Cluster Kit with 32+ Activities Includes:
  • 4 Assorted Science In A Nutshell Kits with Materials for Up to 1-3 Students and 6 Uses Each:
    • Earth and Sun Kit (Item # 750-2879)
    • Planets and Stars Kit (Item # 750-2912)
    • Breaking Earth's Hold Kit (Item # 750-2901)
    • Destination: Moon Kit (Item # 750-2890)
  • 1 Spiralbound Teacher Guide
  • 1 Transparent Storage Case for All Materials

Delta Science in a Nutshell®

  • Explore the forces and systems that work together to form our habitable home
  • Kits cover a variety of earth science subjects, from weather and ocean systems to Earth’s place in the solar system
  • Each kit is ready-to-use right out of the box and includes everything needed to complete your study or experiment

Big Ideas for Small Group Learning

Introduce, review, and reinforce Earth Science concepts with these out-of-the-box-ready Science in a Nutshell kits. From beneath the soils and through the seas, all the way to our solar system and the stars beyond, these kits provide endless study and exploration opportunities through inquiry-based and hands-on learning. Fun, meaningful activities are designed for student-directed individual or small-group learning.

Earth Sciences

  • Geology – Discover the properties of soil and rock formations and how Earth systems work to shape them
  • Oceanography – Study the fascinating symbiosis of ocean currents and aquatic wildlife
  • Meteorology – Examine the water cycle and other systems that create weather patterns around the globe
  • Astronomy – Take your Earth studies out of the atmosphere to the night skies of our solar system and galaxy

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