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Delta Math In A Nutshell Complete Classroom Series for Grades 2 to 6, Set of 18 Kits

Item #: 750-6366

Do the math! This complete set of interactive kits helps students think outside the box (and have a blast) learning essential standards-based math concepts. Math In A Nutshell Kits are also available individually on a specific topic or as Classpacks.

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Education and entertainment in one, the Delta Math In A Nutshell Complete Classroom Series includes a total of 18 standards-based kits for Grades 2 to 3, 3 to 4, and 5 to 6 that are packed with game-like math activities. Each kit is divided into a specific mathematic focus, including addition and subtraction, measurement, money, time, algebra, fraction concepts, geometry, metric tools, multiplication and division, probability, problem solving, algebra, data analysis and probability, fractions and decimals, geometry, problem solving, ratios/ proportions/percentages.

Each assorted math kit specifies the grade range recommendation and includes a Student Activity Guide and Teacher Guide (with performance assessment), and assorted custom manipulatives. Use these kits at home or school for additional math practice or as fun preparation for standardized math testing. Grades 2 to 6.
  • These assorted math kits with manipulatives offer a hands-on way for Grade 2 to 6 students to practice and master important math skills and concepts
  • A 32+ page Student Activity Guide per kit features game-based activities with reproducible pages, practice and review of learned math skills and concepts, performance assessments, and more
  • The 24-page Teacher’s Guide for each kit features student answers and extensions to activities, prerequisite skills, teaching suggestions, materials list, game variations, discussion points, and more
  • Each themed math kit provides an engaging alternative to homework or quizzes while also preparing students for standardized testing, critical thinking, and collaborative learning
  • This comprehensive set of Math In A Nutshell kits provide an engaging curriculum-approved asset for makerspaces, after-school programs, summer school, homeschool or at-home learning lessons, independent study, teacher demonstrations, and beyond
Complete Math Class Series with Total of 18 Math In A Nutshell Kits Includes:
  • Delta Math In A Nutshell Classroom Series, Grades 2 to 3
    • Addition and Subtraction Single Kit (Item # 750-3374)
    • Measurement Single Kit (Item # 750-3044)
    • Money Single Kit (Item # 750-3363)
    • Time Single Kit (Item # 750-3396)
  • Delta Math In A Nutshell Classroom Series, Grades 3 to 4
    • Algebra Single Kit (Item # 750-3033)
    • Fraction Concepts Single Kit (Item # 750-3352)
    • Geometry Single Kit (Item # 750-9093)
    • Metric Tools Single Kit (Item # 750-9148)
    • Multiplication and Division Single Kit (Item # 750-3055)
    • Probability Single Kit (Item # 750-3407)
    • Problem Solving Single Kit (Item # 750-1317)
  • Delta Math In A Nutshell Classroom Series, Grades 5 to 6
    • Algebra Single Kit (Item # 750-9082)
    • Data Analysis and Probability Single Kit (Item # 750-9159)
    • Fractions and Decimals Single Kit (Item # 750-3385)
    • Geometry Single Kit (Item # 750-3430
    • Measurement Single Kit (Item # 750-3484)
    • Problem Solving Single Kit (Item # 750-3066)
    • Ratio, Proportion and Percentages Single Kit (Item # 750-9050)

Delta Math in a Nutshell®

  • Kits cover a variety of Mathematics subjects to supplement and reinforce school studies
  • Students learn valuable real-life knowledge that will provide a strong foundation for math application in their adult lives
  • Each kit is ready-to-use right out of the box and includes everything needed to complete your study

Big Ideas for Small Group Learning

Introduce, review, and reinforce Math concepts with these out-of-the-box-ready Math in a Nutshell kits. From addition to algebra to problem solving and probabilities, these kits provide endless opportunities for study through inquiry-based and hands-on learning. Fun, meaningful activities are designed for student-directed individual or small-group learning.

So Many Kits!

  • The basics – Build from the ground up with lessons on Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, and Fractions and Decimals
  • Next steps – Apply those learned skills to more advanced subjects like Algebra, Geometry, Probabilities, and Proportions and Percentages
  • Real-life applications – This strong foundation transitions young learners effortlessly into studies on Data Analysis, Time, Money, and Metrics

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